"The mission of the Rogers Memorial Baptist Church is to teach, preach and exemplify the presence of Christ, by bring our lives into harmony with His, and to share His redeeming love to a lost world.  Matthew 28:19-20"


Our vision is to honor God by bringing our lives into harmony with Jesus Christ and with each other in loving fellowship, as a devout worshiping body, a place where people are discipled, nurtured, equipped, and sent out to serve and share redeeming love of Jesus Christ to a lost world.




* We value BIBLICAL AUTHORITY  (Prioritizing the Word of God)
* We value EXCELLENCE (Operating with excellence in all we do)
* We value MORALITY (Being ethical and full of integrity)
* We value EDUCATION (Teaching, training and always developing)
* We value RELATIONSHIPS (Building relationships and cultivating fellowship)
* We value GIVING/TITHING   (Sharing our time, talent and treasure)
* We value ENCOURAGEMENT   (Motivating and uplifting)
* We value EVANGELISM  (Seeking to impact society)
* We value PRAISE & WORSHIP  (Seeking to lift and magnify God)